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                        Belt and Road, a new area of focus on food machinery 2018 Shanghai Food Machinery Exhibition

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                        Belt and Road, a new area of focus on food machinery 2018 Shanghai Food Machinery Exhibition

                        2018 Shanghai Food Machinery Exhibition after years of development, with its professional, authoritative, normative won the public a good reputation and participation, the new expo soon, what will highlight the new packaging machine technology? We will wait and see.
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                        Recalling the last show, all well-known food packaging machine manufacturers represented by Beijing and Tianjin, Shanghai native and Guangdong coastal areas unveiled their new packaging technology and won the acclaim of exhibitors. The upper part of the food processing machinery. Workshop supporting sterilization, testing equipment manufacturers have also been widespread concern. Attracted many international equipment manufacturers and user groups. This shows that the Expo has developed into a domestic food packaging and food processing enterprises to promote new technologies and new equipment, access to advanced technologies at home and abroad, enjoy the latest trends in the industry preferred show.
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                        It is reported that the organizing committee in order to strengthen the business and conquest, media, associations, professional audiences between the communication, exchange and cooperation. For the exhibitors to develop multi-level market to build domestic and international business promotion platform, the annual growth rate of more than 40%. At present, the domestic food packaging industry has been widely concerned by the society. Some new technologies and new technologies related to food safety testing have also gone down to the altar and slowly entered the public field of vision. Food packaging process, there are too many links need to be strengthened supervision, the food safety issues related to international livelihood should be concerned about. To reduce contact with other sources of contamination, such as items to be packaged and manpower. Food packaging machine automation technology is the most should be improved, from the material to be packaged part of the beginning, to the packaging molding, in the transport to the packaging workshop. The higher the degree of automation, the greater the regulatory efforts. Reduce human participation. Food safety can be more effectively guaranteed, controllability has also increased a lot.
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                        The fair, with "display technology, rent cooperation, promote development" as its theme. Scheduled for August 29, 2018 to 31 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, the exhibition scale will reach 60,000 square meters. More than 500 domestic and foreign food machinery companies are expected to participate in the exhibition and 55,000 professional buyers will attend the inspection. I believe the new technology of food packaging machines can get more promotion and attention.
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