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                        Growth history

                        History Of Tianfa
                        In 1997, One person , one Portable Welder.Without any strong background.But Mr Zheng is full of enthusiasm for establish his business.
                        As the old word said “A single spark can start a prairie fire”.Because of his dream and enthusiasm. Mr Zheng finally established Tianfa Food Machinery Co.,Ltd. Now Tianfa is Located in Taiwaness Investment District of Quanzhou, and with more than 150 staffs. Many products of Tianfa is popular among customers. And with near ¥50 million sales every year.
                        It have become one of the most popular brand for frozen food processing machine.
                        The strong pass of the enemy is like a wall of iron, yet with firm strides, we are conquering its summit. It is also a new begin for Tianfa. Follow the lead of Director Mr Liang and Manager Mr Zheng, and with all staffes’ efforts. More and more miracle would turn out on Tianfa.
                        His Dream establish business.
                        In 1997, Mr Zheng come to Quanzhou, With the help of Zheng’s Parents. He opened an shop for machine agent distribution. It is an occasional time that one customer delivery two meatball forming machine instead of debt. Then he sold the two machine to other customer. And get good feedback. Then he increase another business, food machine agent distribution. Sell with small profit, he get many customer. Though machine sells quite well. After-sales service is one problem. In order to solve this problem. Mr Zheng open another shop for after-sales service and food machine maintain. At the same time. Huachuan Luo joined Tianfa, and become the first staff.
                        On the second half of 1998.Mr Zheng build a 200 square meter plants near Quanzhou Exhibition Town. Besides food machine maintain. We also begin to introduce food machine technology and design new machine. The real business establishment begin here.
                        Go forward on the begin of business establishment. 
                        In 1999, We have design and manufactured first machine. Meat grinder.And it have good reputation among customer. Now staffs’ number of Tianfa Have increase to five.
                        In 2000, we have register company name “Quanzhou Tianfa Food Machinery Cp.Ltd”. It means developing, and become better and better. In May, we have get a big order. If we could finish successfully. It would bring a new development for company. But it is 2 days before delivery. All machine have be damaged by water comes from collapsed reservoir near factory. At last, we could only pay for the damage. We have not disappointed by the accident. With the enthusiasm for developing our business, we have get ¥300 thousand sales total year.
                        In 2001,We have introduced Taiwanese technology, design and produce our own meat grinder.
                        In 2002, factory move to Guan Tou Chang of Quanzhou. And employ an Senior Engineer. It makes Tianfa developing in a big new progress. During this year, we have developed meat cutter, pump material stuffer 680 and meat grinder.
                        In 2003, Mr Jinping Hu join our technology department. Numbers of Staffs increase to 7.We have developed meat beater 100#, meat beater 200#,fishball machine 300#,meat flaker, frozen meatball forming machine 400#,meatball forming machine 200#,cuttlefish ball forming machine600#.At the same time, we have the ability to develop and manufacture the production line for meat&fish processing factory.
                        At the middle stage of business establishment. Pay more efforts to R&D.
                        In 2004,In order to satisfy the development of Tianfa, We move to Torch Industrial District, plant is with coverage of more than 1000.And change company name from “Quanzhou Tianfa Food Machinery Co.,Ltd” to “Quanzhou Tianshun Food Machinery Co.Ltd”. It means developing successfully. No. Of stuffs have increased to 17.Developed meat slicer, meat grinder150#,meat grinder 350# and multi-exit osmanthus shape sausage forming machine this year, etc. Meanwhile, sales have reach ¥1.7 million.
                        In 2005,We have developed food cooking line (the first generation).Company’s sales have increased ¥3.5 million.
                        In 2006, as the land issue, we have to move to foot of Qingyuan Mountain. Coverage increase to 1500 square meter. Mr YanfengHou joined R&D department, Mr Chunhua Cui joined Sales department this year.And we established R&D department. Developed Stuffed meatball machine 100#,food gel cooking machine, five layer wind type food cooler, fish ball forming machine500# and the second generation food cooking line. The year sales is more than ¥7.0 million.
                        Now,we have paid more efforts to innovation.
                        In 2007, staffs is more than 40. Osmanthus shape sausage forming machine 200#,Kidney sausage forming machine 300# and single knife meatball forming machine have been developed.
                        In 2008, there were more than 40 staffs in our factory. R&D department have 3 staffs. Food cooking machine 13000#, food frying machine600#.pump material stuffer680A#,double groove food cooking machine were developed. And year sales have reached ¥25 million.
                        In 2009, No. Of staffs have increased to more than 70.Pork dumpling machine 300# and stuffed meatball machine BX120# have been developed. Year sales were more than ¥2.8 million.
                        In 2010,No. Of staffs were more than 100. And  visited International Trade Fair for the Meat Industry in Germany Frankfurt. Multi-exit material stuffer and Stewed pork ball forming machine 80#.The year sales is more than ¥3.4 million.
                        Development is endless.
                        In 2011, We register “Tianfa Food machinery Co.,Ltd” again. Two brand developing together. And No. of staffs were more than 110.There were 7 staffs in R&D department. And factory plan to  move to Taiwaness Investment District. Meat beater with lifter 500#,food cooking machine 1000#, material stuffer 30#,fish steak frozen food forming machine 300#, cake forming machine and mould processing machine were developed.
                        In 2012, staffed were more than 130.Factory move to Taiwaness Investment District. Cake forming machine 420#, food steaming machine, double groove food cooking machine, stuffed meatball machine158# and egg dumpling machine were developed. The year sales have more than ¥40million.
                        In 2013, there are more than 150 staffs. We begin baking equipment R&D. Developing in both frozen food and hot food processing machine field. Multi-exit meatball machine, double screw material stuffer, material stuffer 45#,Intelligent Gas-filled Cake Mixer, stuffed meatball machine 158#,cake forming machine 740#, multi-exit kidney sausage forming machine800#,food miter cutting machine, automatic dorayaki production line and Multifunctional abalone frozen food forming machine have been developed. And year sales have reached 45 million.
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